Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nigel wants to go and see Depeche Mode

Thus spake Attila the Stockbroker. Unfortunately Tim didn't get to go and see Depeche Mode.

Being in the radio biz (marginally), I sometimes get free tickets for gigs (examples: Tina Turner, The Australian Pink Floyd - who are actually very very very good), but this time I failed dismally. I also failed to get free tix for Paul McCartney. Sigh... *

Apparently the DM were very good - you can read Ashley's review and watch a clip.

It seems you can take in cameras to gigs nowadays. Maybe this is an Israeli thing. I recall the last time I went to a gig in the UK (Status Quo, if you must ask... my ex was crazy about them. Honest.) you weren't allowed to take in cameras, cassette recorders etc - presumably for fear of bootlegging. I guess these days the bands regard any free publicity as being a Good Thing.

* I also occasionally get free vouchers for Glida Frutti and Beit HaPancake (HaMekori). Not quite compensation for missing Depeche Mode or Paul McCartney, but hey...

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  1. Hamekori? Those are pretty good pancakes... :-)


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