Sunday, May 24, 2009

If I knew you were coming I'd have baked a cake

Our 11th wedding anniversary approaches. I've been looking for one of those fancy industrial-style mixers (Kenwood or Kitchenaid) for the missus. Don't worry dear reader, (a) this is something she really really wants - and quite possibly needs, and (b) the chances of her reading this are slim to none...

I saw one online at the website for Big Bucks, at a price that was ok-ish, comfortable payments, proper guarantee etc, and decided to go and pick one up from our local branch. I'd sort of assumed that the machine would cost a bit more in the shop, but "a bit" turned out to be 500 shekels. Eleven long years in this fair land have taught me some valuable lessons in the art of Not Being A Freier, especially not to the tune of 500 shekels, so I'm busy looking for Plan B. I've seen some nice ironing boards around...

Disclaimer: the bit about the ironing board was intended for humorous effect only, and should not be construed as accurately or otherwise depicting the relationship between Tim and/or Mrs Tim, or not as the case may be, hereinafterforetoward referred to as the Disclaimer.

Addendum: Mrs Tim has no idea what an iron is for, and Tim only does the ironing (a) in the winter and (b) when he can be bothered - i.e. effectively never)

Useful Tip: How to spot Tim - large number of tattoos, and badly creased shirts.

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