Friday, May 22, 2009

Back on the Moxypen

No, not me. Twin #1. She spent most of last year having recurring ear infections. On several occasions her eardrums actually burst. Prior to each event, she was in incredible pain from the fluid buildup. So we finally decided to put her through the operation to fit grommets in the eardrums. No parent wants a very small child to go through an operation under general anaesthetic, however light. On the other hand, it was hard seeing her in such pain, and needing a long potent course of antibiotics each time...

So for the last 6 months or so since the op, she's been absolutely fine. She started walking, and her speech improved dramatically. It's actually quite hard to get her to stop talking. Ah yes, she'll grow into a fine Israeli gal :)

Anyway, we thought the problems had come back yesterday, but the doctor said that the infections can still occur even with the grommets. It's just that they don't become so painful, with a high fever etc, and the fluids drain away rather than build up inside the ear. So the little 'un is now on a short course of Moxypen, which will hopefully clear up the problem.

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