Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm not well

Nothing serious. Just the usual colds that crop up around this time of year. Either I pick 'em up from work, or (more likely) the twins get 'em from kindergarten. The bug will then hop from twin to twin to Tim to Mrs Tim, and back round again until it gets bored.

So, as mentioned, it's that time of year, when Someone flips the switch, and the central coastal area of Israel is transformed from being pleasantly sunny and warm, to being unpleasantly hot and humid. It will mostly likely stay hot and humid until October-ish. I occasionally toy with the thought of moving somewhere a good deal drier - like Jerusalem or Eilat. In the end, the sheer convenience of the central area keeps me here - the opportunities for gainful employment are better, and it's nice to be close to the sea.

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