Saturday, May 2, 2009


Been feeling crap of late (a number of tedious symptoms that I won't go into). The doctor gave me a fairly comprehensive set of blood tests in order to narrow down the cause. The only concrete thing I can see is that my HDL ("good" cholesterol) and total cholesterol are low.

Also my neutrophils are high as a percentage, and lymphocytes are low. I have no idea what this means other than that my body is fighting off some kind of infection. All the other factors she tested for are within the usual ranges. The doctor will hopefully have a better idea of what's going on when I see her tomorrow morning.

Ah, the joys of middle-agedness. I was reflecting with an old friend the other day, that when we first met back in the mid-80s our sole concerns were getting laid and where was the coolest bar.
Nowadays we spend most of our time discussing hereditary diseases and blood pressure medication.

I've just invented a new word, "nymphocytes", which sounds a good deal more entertaining than lymphocytes.

In other health noooooz, the pig flu panic seems to be dissipating. All in all, it was a bit of a damp squib, unless you happen to be one of the 150+ people killed by the disease. Here in Israel, we must apparently call it Mexican Flu, according to the deputy health minister (who is ultra-Orthodox). This edict is being widely ignored by the media.

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