Monday, June 21, 2010


Through a combination of diet and busting my ass off in an overpriced gym, err... health club, I've dropped from 99.9 to 87.8 kilos. Unfortunately I seem to be stuck at that point. The initial target is 87, and the dietician wants me to get to 82 sooner rather than later. So I need to get back on track with the diet, and not nibble the icing off my wife's cakes while she's not looking. And bust my ass even harder. Sigh...

Having lost all the weight hasn't done anything to improve my blood pressure. I saw a specialist who gave me a bunch of tests and a different sort of pill, which makes me need to pee at unearthly hours of the morning. Usually I can't get back to sleep afterwards, which means I've been somewhat tired of late. At the second appointment with said specialist, he didn't relate at all to the test results, and told me to keep taking the pills and come back in a few weeks. I rather imagine he wanted to go home early.

We're heading off to the UK (me, missus and twins) next month. Always a joy travelling with them, 'cos ya just don't know whether they're going to erupt into a bout of screaming over something that appears entirely trivial to any sane person, but is obviously of Earth-Shattering Importance to a 3.5-year old. Heard of the Terrible Twos? Yep, it appears that it continues into the Terrible Threes. Ominously, friends at work assure me that it continues into the Flippin' Awful Fours. The flipside of course is that they're so funny, the hugs, being told that Only Daddy Can Fix this broken toy, the sheer delight at dressing up as princesses (them, not me...).

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